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Upcoming Shows
June 15 - 8:00PM
Aurora Borealis in Shoreline
15th Anniversary Show!
June 30 - 5:15PM
Taste of the NW in Puyallup
Brew Park Stage

July 13 - 8:00PM
Aurora Borealis in Shoreline

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About us

We play exclusively 80’s rock.  Not just any rock, but the bitchin’ rock known by such names as Hair Metal, Butt-Rock, and Glam.  We blaze through technically perfect renditions of your favorite tunes by such artists as Winger, Poison, Ozzy, Bon Jovi, Night Ranger and Iron Maiden, and we do it RIGHT.  We do it the way it was intended:  With leather, Spandex, long hair and plenty of hairspray.  Seriously.  We are the sexiest band in the entire Northwest. (Maybe other places, too!)

When you step into a Platinum Spandex show, you step back into 1989, when guitar was king and singers could sing.  You’ll find no auto-tuners here.  100% LIVE! No recordings or sequencing.  What you WILL find is a kick-butt rock show that will leave you a sweaty mess with no voice, just like you remember.

 80’s attire is encouraged, and make sure to bring your camera!

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