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Technical Sound Requirements


Platinum Spandex strives to bring you the proper 80's Hair Metal experience with every show. As such, we require certain levels of equipment to bring you The ROCK. This ensures that everyone has an excellent Aquanet-fueled experience.



Front of House Mixing Console:             

Console is preferably located in the audience area. Certain exceptions will be made for side-of-stage or other locations, depending on the nature of the event and venue.


A minimum of twenty-four (24) channels with at least twelve (12) XLR inputs with mic pre-amplifiers and twelve (12) line level inputs. Each channel should have at least a three-band EQ, TRS insert points, and four (4) auxiliary sends (at least three should be pre-fader). It is preferred that the console has at least four (4) sub-groups. SNAKE: sufficient for sends and returns and long enough for venue.


Front of House Outboard:

1. One (1) stereo 31-band (1/3-octave) graphic EQ. Preferably with long-throw faders.

2. Five (5) mono 31-band (1/3-octave) graphic EQs (one for each monitor mix or equivalent from separate monitor mixing console).

3. Two (2) high-quality reverb units

4. Two (2) channels of compression minimum


Front of House Speaker System:

Speaker system should be capable of delivering 105 dB of clean sound throughout the listening area. For most venues, at least two (2) mid-high cabinets with a 15-inch woofer and 2-inch driver along with Sub-woofers (15 or n18-inch) will suffice.


Front of House Amplification:

Necessary to deliver 105 dB of clean full-range sound as described above. Preferably tri-amped with subs.

Microphones and Stands:

3 boom-stands.

3 SM58 or equivalent vocal mics

Complete drum kit mics, including over-head symbol and tom mics, kick mic, snare mic, hi-hat mic and cowbell mic.

One wireless mic and straight stand PROVIDED


Monitor Mixing Console:

A minimum of  four (4) auxiliary sends (at least three should be pre-fader). The console should be able to supply at least 3 discrete monitor mixes.


Monitor Wedges (Speakers):

A minimum of three, preferrably Five (5) full-range monitor wedges are required. These will be distributed on minimum three monitor mixes. Each monitor should have either a 12-inch or 15-inch woofer and separate HF driver. The wedges can be passive.



Sound company must house sound technician, familiar with the house system for both sound check and show.

1. Music player – for playing music during band breaks.

2. Band requires power along downstage monitors for guitar and vocal pedals



Stage should be free of centralized items that restrict movement by the band or inhibit audience’s view of the band. This includes, but is not limited to, the presence of columns, vending tables, plants, banners, groupies (unless invited by the band), aliens, food lines, etc.


Lighting Requirements:

At a minimum the performance area should be well lit, with a general wash over the entire stage. A variety of colored lights is preferred. We will be delighted to work with you onsite to mark show events and solos. Please know that we will be relying heavily on you lighting expertise. As a general rule, we want to have a professional “rock show” feel. Going over the top is always welcomed.



General Guidelines:

A. PA system must be assembled and fully functional by specified time (dependent on the venue).

B. Platinum Spandex will require at least one (1) hour of set-up/sound check time.


We would like to thank you in advance for working through this rider. If there are any problems or questions regarding this rider, please contact the contracting agency. If there are additional technical questions, please contact Platinum Spandex (


Many thanks,


Platinum Spandex

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