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Welcome to the Jungle - Guns n Roses
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Seventeen - Winger
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You've Got Another Thing Coming - Judas Priest
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Home Sweet Home - Motley Crue
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Talk Dirty To Me - Poison
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Crazy Train - Ozzy
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Artist                Song

AC/DC                                   Have a Drink on Me

AC/DC                                   Shook Me All Night Long

Bon Jovi                               Bad Medicine

Bon Jovi                               I'll Be There For You

Bon Jovi                               Livin' on a Prayer

Bon Jovi                               Runaway

Bon Jovi                               Wanted Dead or Alive

Bon Jovi                               You Give Love a Bad Name

Bonham                               All That I Can Do

Bullet Boys                          Smooth Up In Ya

Cinderella                            Gypsy Road

Cinderella                            Nobody's Fool

Cinderella                            Shake Me

Cinderella                            Somebody Save Me

Def Leppard                       Photograph

Def Leppard                       Pour Some Sugar

Def Leppard                       Rock of Ages

Def Leppard                       Rock Rock Til' Ya Drop

Dokken                                Alone Again

Europe                                 Final Countdown

Great White                       Once Bitten Twice Shy

Great White                       Rock Me

Guns 'n' Roses                   Mr. Brownstone

Guns 'n' Roses                   Paradise City

Guns 'n' Roses                   Sweet Child o Mine

Guns 'n' Roses                   Welcome to the Jungle

Iron Maiden                       Number of the Beast

Iron Maiden                       Run to the Hills

Iron Maiden                       The Trooper

Iron Maiden                       Wasted Years

Journey                                Don't Stop Believin'

Journey                                Separate Ways

Judas Priest                        Breakin the Law

Judas Priest                        Electric Eye (The Hellion)

Judas Priest                        Green Manalishi

Judas Priest                        Living After Midnight

Judas Priest                        You Got Another Thing Comin'

Kix                                        Don't Close Your Eyes

Lita Ford                              Kiss Me Deadly

Lita Ford / Ozzy                 Close My Eyes

Motley Crue                       Dr. Feelgood

Motley Crue                       Girls Girls Girls

Motley Crue                       Home Sweet Home

Motley Crue                       Kickstart my Heart

Motley Crue                       Live Wire

Motley Crue                       Wild Side

Motley Crue                       Shout at the Devil

Motley Crue                       Smokin in the Boys Room

Night Ranger                      Don't Tell Me You Love Me

Night Ranger                      Sister Christian

Ozzy Osbourne                 Bark at the Moon

Ozzy Osbourne                 Crazy Train

Ozzy Osbourne                 Mr. Crowley

Ozzy Osbourne                 No More Tears

Poison                                  Every Rose Has Its Thorn

Poison                                  Nothing But a Good Time

Poison                                  Talk Dirty to Me

Queensryche                     Eyes of a Stranger

Queensryche                     I don't believe in Love

Quiet Riot                            Metal Health

Ratt                                        Round and Round

Sam Kinison                        Wild Thing

Scorpions                            Blackout

Scorpions                            No one like you

Scorpions                            Rock you like a Hurricane

Scorpions                            Still Loving You

Skid Row                              18 and Life

Skid Row                              I Remember You

Skid Row                              Monkey Business

Skid Row                              Youth Gone Wild

Slaughter                             Up All Night

Spinal Tap                            Big Bottom

Tesla                                      Love Song

Tesla                                      Signs

The Cult                               Fire Woman

The Cult                               She Sells Sanctuary

Twisted Sister                    I Wanna Rock

Twisted Sister                    We're Not Gonna Take It

Van Halen                           Hot for Teacher

Van Halen                           Jump

Van Halen                           Panama

Van Halen                           You Really Got Me

Van Halen                           Unchained

Warrant                               Cherry Pie

Warrant                               Down Boys

White Lion                          Wait

Whitesnake                        Here I Go Again

Whitesnake                        Slide it in

Whitesnake                        Spit it out

Whitesnake                        Still of the Night

Winger                                 Can't Get Enough

Winger                                 Seventeen


Song List

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