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Tommy Platinum - Lead Face Melter / Auxiliary Percussion

Tommy Platinum is a native of the Puget Sound, born in Bothell,  Washington.  Tommy was born…  a while ago.  No one really knows when, exactly.  Estimates put his age anywhere between 25 and 60.  He’s just so damn sexy that it’s impossible to tell.  It wasn’t always that way...

Mikey Spandex - Lead Axe

In a time long, long ago, in a place very near his current residence - and for no apparent good reason in the grand scheme of things - Mikey Spandex entered the world. As a child, waking to the sound of his Father’s rock and roll music playing on ‘the Philco’, and to the cries of his Mother to ‘turn it down’, his musical roots began to form. 

Riff Bangor - Lead Electric Bass

In the middle of the night some time ago, there was an explosion of electric energy that broke the silence of the barren sky and scorched a perfect circle into the Earth.  In that moment, Riff was created.  Created to bring the BOOM to rock.  When asked about this magical aggregation of power Riff said, “You’re welcome.”

Dik Wikked - Rhythm Guitar and Keys (and general talent)

The name "Dik Wikked", often used to depict a male party embroiled in a legal action, case or discussion, whose true identity is either unknown or must be withheld to protect the innocent or better yet the under aged.

Brock T. Rockenheimer - Skins (and Goat Husbandry)

Brock is a 32nd generation drummer and rhythm man.  His ancient ancestors were the rhythm keepers on Viking longboats, beating out rock-steady rhythms on giant drums and the occasional disobedient slave.  Every generation of his line has produced a drummer who is progressively more perfect than the last, resulting in the amazing, god-like specimen that is Brock T. Rockenheimer.     


Bios and History (Click pics for more)

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