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Booking Platinum Spandex


Platinum Spandex is available for just about any event, world-wide. Corporate events! Parties! Reunions! Festivals! You pay us, we'll play there. Unless you suck, then you may need to pay us more. Seriously, though, we're total whores.


Platinum Spandex will cater our show to fit your needs. We can dial it in from Rated "G" to Rated "R". (Maybe NC-17, but does anyone really want to see that?) Our shows always include meet n greet time for photos, etc.  When booking Platinum Spandex, we'll work with you to give you the kind of show you are looking for, including custom set lists, etc.


Click here to see our Technical Requirements (This is important!)

If you cannot meet our technical requirements, we work with an excellent sound company that can provide the proper gear and setup. Platinum Spandex will contract with them and take care of all the details. This usually runs an additional $700- $800. This includes set-up, tear-down, and a sound engineer. We will only charge you what they charge us.  




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